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Tips for a Successful Photo Shoot
* Your session will have a very relaxed, laid back feel.  Don't get stressed if your child won't sit still...that's fine!  I will follow them around and photograph them in whatever they are doing.

* Most outdoor locations require to photograph either early in the morning or late in the day.  Noon sun is too harsh and direct.  Photo shoots can take place in the afternoon, as long as there is adequate shade.

* Children should be well rested and well fed, but don't give them juices that will stain their face before the shoot.

* Newborns are best photographed during their first two weeks of life. They still have the ability to sleep through noise and being moved around, and are still able to pose with that cute little scrunched up look.  Also, baby acne usually sets in during the second to third week, so it's best to avoid that if possible.  And don't worry, I will come to you!!

* Clothing for newborns is tough because they are so tiny they tend to get lost in it. Dress your newborn in just a diaper, and we will use a cute hat or blanket as their accessory.

* Maternity sessions are best photographed anywhere from 32-36 weeks.  That way you have a nice round belly, and (hopefully) are not too uncomfortable yet.  Fitted clothing is nice to show off the bump, but a beautiful lacy top is just as nice.  Feel free to bring as many different outfits as you like.

* For group shots, clothing should be simple, and coordinate with other members in the photo. Use a common color scheme, but everyone does not necessarily have to dress in the same color.  Avoid busy patterns.

* Clothing for individual shots can be a little more funky, but avoid wearing shirts with type printed across the front. 

* Minor bumps, bruises, and blemishes can easily be retouched for no extra charge.  Major retouching may incur an extra charge, but can be discussed prior to the session.